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amiguriken ([personal profile] amiguriken) wrote2009-08-05 10:08 pm

Odds and Ends

1) I acquired Pushing Daisies season 2 today. I never did see the final three episodes, though rumour has it they were available on ABC's website for some time. However, I am making myself rewatch the entire season in order rather than simply starting with the final three episodes.

2) It's time for a new computer, not that I can actually afford one yet. I currently have one computer that I use for both my personal crap and work crap. I really need one computer for each of those, and I've decided that this actually needs to occur before I move into office space at the end of the month. The plan is to buy a new PC for my personal use and then clear off my old laptop and dedicate it solely to business use. I should probably buy the new computer for business use, but I can get a LOT more memory on a new computer, and I tend to need more memory for my personal use than I do for business use.

3) I acquired a new business toy today. I had an interview with the child of one of my DSS clients today, and I decided that I wanted to be able to record the interview to play later. So I dropped $40 for a digital voice recorder. So far I'm liking the thing, though I've barely begun to play with it. Tomorrow I need to figure out how to copy the file to my hard drive and then burn it to a disc that I can mail to my fellow attorney on the case.

4) My DSS cases are messy and suck. Even the ones where I have good or halfway decent clients. Also, I know it's the cliche mysanthropic thing to say, but really, most of these people should not be allowed to reproduce. What really kills me (besides the rampant stupidity and moronic drug use--do these people not know what meth is made of?) is how many of my clients are the second or third generation coming through the system. I have clients who were in DSS custody themselves less than a year ago! It's so frustrating it makes me want to type multiple exclamation points!

5) Okay. Breathing now. No more talk of DSS clients.

6) I'm apparently developing a decent reputation in the community. Go me. One of my fellow attorneys informed me of this the other day. It really brightened my week.

7) Oh, hey! Something else not law-related: spent Saturday with my oldest nieces at Dollywood's Splash Country. It was okay, though water parks really aren't my idea of a good time. I'd much rather just lounge around at the pool. It doesn't help that, despite multiple applications of sunscreen, I came home parbroiled. My poor upper back is still hurting me days later. (And yes, I have slathered the worst spots with aloe. It's just that bad.) Some of the park slides don't allow sliders to wear shirts of any kind. So I decided that, just this once, I'd go with just my bathing suit. That was a huge mistake. Some of those areas of my skin haven't seen sunlight since I was five years old! Oh well. At least I got a lovely tan on my legs.

8) Saturday night one of my two-year-old nieces stayed the night with me. This particular niece is the one for whom I'm the best thing ever. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I let her have ice cream both at 10 o' clock at night and for breakfast the next morning. (Hey, her parents deserve it.) One of the fun things about having her over is that I've been working geekiness into her. She requested that we watch Doctor Who and fell asleep on me clutching my two Doctor action figures (Nine and Ten) and the Metallicar. She's awesome like that.

9) Oh dear dog, we're already more than halfway through the week. ARGH!