So tonight I took my pal daughtershade to see Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants at a little venue called The Orange Peel in Asheville. I would love to write up something fairly in depth and discussing the joys of music for geeks, but right now I'm tired and feeling poorly, so I'll just do a quickie list that I'll intend to expand on but never will.

1) JoCo was loads of fun. I think he was surprised by the number of audience members who knew him. There were quite a few of us who attended the show as much or more for him than for They Might Be Giants. (Probably because They Might Be Giants has played Asheville a couple of times before, while the closest JoCo's managed was Atlanta.)

If you don't know who Jonathan Coulton is, I high recommend you visit his website: and check out his music. He has some set up for free download, including a couple of my favorites "Skullcrusher Mountain" and "Chiron Beta Prime." I also recommend "Re: Your Brains" (a HUGE fan favorite), "Code Monkey," and "Future Soon."

2) I had no idea rains of colorful confetti could make me smile so much.


4) Science songs!

5) They Might Be Giants had an awesome trumpet player with them, a Mr. Kurt Rahm (sp?). He was a pleasure to listen to all by himself.

6) They Might Be Giants were absolutely wonderful. In addition to sounding great and being energetic on the stage, they really, truly, honestly seemed to be enjoying themselves. I got the feeling that they were just as happy to be there as we were, and that made the show even better.

7) The one problem with geek music is watching the geeks move to the beat. Hundreds of people awkwardly bobbing somewhat in time with the music, is simultaneously hilarious and kind of sad. But even thinking that didn't prevent me bobbing along with everyone else.

8) There were quite a few people there who were several years younger than the songs they were thoroughly enjoying, and I think that is awesome!

9) Oh, geeks. I love my people.


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