Since I haven't posted in a while, we'll do the traditional list-format update:

1) New office remains incredibly spiffy. I did have a problem with a ceiling/roof leak a few weeks back, but that has been taken care of and my office is all shiny and white again. I will take pictures eventually, though I'm afraid you'll find that they are pretty boring. I have found an art print I like that would look nice in my office: Van Gogh's "Almond Branches in Bloom." It's a lovely piece of work that has a bit of a Japanese feel to it. Also, the shade of blue he uses for the background is particularly lovely.

2) I have realized recently that I love Van Gogh. I don't know why I like his art so much, but I do.

3) Business is pretty good. I'm starting to make enough money to really make ends meet, which is awesome beyond words. And there are a lot of days in which I really, genuinely like what I do. Those days surprise me more than I can explain, but they also make me exceptionally happy. I've had a job I hated before, and I don't want to do that to myself again.

4) I have recently moved house. I had been living in a lovely little two-bedroom cabin. I am now residing in a recently heavily remodeled two-bedroom garage apartment. The apartment is not quite as nice as the house was, but, thanks to the remodeling work (and some heavy duty cleaning), it is pretty nice, and is not much smaller than the house was. One thing I really like about it is that the entire space is mine to do with as I please. In the cabin, I lost one of the bedrooms to my mother's office.
I ended up moving because of my grandmother. The apartment is beside her house (above her garage). When she is in NC, she worries a lot about being over here by herself, and her children worry a lot about her being over here by herself. For everyone's peace of mind, someone needs to live in this apartment, and right now I'm the person in the best position to do so (single, no kids, no social life of which to speak). My brother and his wife lived here for nine years, until the birth of their third child made this little apartment too little for their family.
The absolute best thing about the little apartment is that I get to live here rent-free. The worst thing about that is that it makes me feel guilty (a little bit) every time I complain about something.

5) I want a horse. That is all.

6) Today was Decoration day at the small Nolan's Creek cemetery. That cemetery only has three small graves, all infants. It's located on a hill deep in the National Park. There was a decent crowd out today, and the weather turned warm and sunny. The leaves are in full fall color right now, and I frequently found myself stopping just to look at how beautiful it all was in red and gold. The beauty of this area is something I always miss when I'm away.

7) I bought a new laptop that arrived last week (and on which I am now typing). It's a lovely Dell Studio XPS, and while I'm still getting used to a slightly different keyboard and some other changes from my beloved Inspiron, I'm very happy with it overall. I want a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum to really test out the computer's capabilities, but I'm waiting for my Windows 7 upgrade kit before I install much of anything on the computer.

8) I have not watched a single episode of Stargate: Universe even though it's all currently still available on Hulu. I find myself tempted at times because of how much I loved Battlestar Galactica and how much I still adore Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Carlyle. But even if the things I'm reading in the reviews hadn't turned me off of the show, I couldn't watch it because of my hatred for the channel formerly called Sci-Fi. I've been burned too many times by that channel. Between all of their moronic programming decisions, the idiotic name choice (I get the branding thing, I really do, but I can name hundreds of brandable options that sound and look less stupid than the one they chose), and the regular, casual insults to the fans of their programming, I just can't support them in any way, shape, or form.

9) I miss having science fiction tv to watch. I need to put my Netflix to good use, I suppose. Maybe it's time to finally sit down and watch all of Star Trek: DS9. I liked what I saw of that one. And there is at least one season of Babylon 5 I've not yet seen. Oh, and loads and loads of old Doctor Who. Frak the badly named channel that purports to play speculative fiction but is really overloaded with reality programming and wrestling. There's still good stuff out there, and it's easier than ever to acquire and view now.

10) While I'm talking about tv, I'm horribly addicted to Glee.

11) Okay, that's quite enough of that now. I have things to go and a bed that is calling my name. Sleeeeeeep.
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I received books today! Thank you! I will start reading the Tuesday book tomorrow on the bus. :D Happy Halloween to you as well!


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