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([personal profile] amiguriken Aug. 31st, 2009 08:13 pm)
My fall to the dark side is complete: I have an office now.

I moved what little stuff I have over on Saturday and unpacked most of it then. The office looks pretty empty and sad right now, but I'll add more stuff as I go along. I need to find a good picture or two to put up. I have a gorgeous print of a The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly painting a friend of mine did, but I rather prefer it to stay here on my fireplace mantle. Right now the only thing I have on the wall is my diploma in its fancy-pants frame (the license will be joining it in a week or so, once the framer's done with it). I also have a handful of books on my bookshelf. Oh, and I have a Darth Vader bust and pewter figures of Han Solo and Chewbacca up on the top shelf (with the Metallicar sitting in front of Vader).

The main problem with putting art on my walls is that I don't like nice, tranquil prints of flowers and lakes. Monet has his place, but it ain't in my office. And the art I prefer is simply not appropriate--people do not want to associate their attorneys with surrealism. Nor do they want to walk into a law office and see superheroes (though I'd probably risk it if I had a nicely framed Alex Ross).

Another problem is that my office is stark white. I will most likely end up painting it a few months from now, but for now, it's snow white. This makes me not want to put up black-and-white or colorless prints (such as Escher or Picasso's "Don Quixote"). And it also leads me to be careful about colors. Some of the things I like will look even more garish against pure white.

Anyway, I think the office is going to be a good thing for me. I didn't get as much work as I'd hoped done today, but I got work done and didn't waste as much time as I usually do at home. And now that I'm home, I am not sitting here feeling like I need to be working on something. I think home space can now safely be home space and work space will be work space and I will be a happier person for having a place to escape work at the end of the day.
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