Now that I've ranted, managing to annoy at least one person and affecting/damaging how I don't know how many others view me (though really, if you know anything about me at all, nothing I posted should have been a surprise), it's time to post about some other random things that have pissed me off or amused me or that I just want to ramble about today:

1) This possibly wins the internet: (grokked from the official Robot Chicken Twitter feed @cyborgturkey). At the very least, this might be my new most favorite Batman related video ever.

2) I spent no less than three hours today in meetings for which time I'm not getting paid. My annoyance about this is great, and most of it is focused right where it belongs--at myself.

3) This is incredibly disturbing: I love my paper and ink books too much to ever fall completely to ebooks, but I have been interested in the idea of a Kindle for travel purposes. I like to carry around a lot of books at one time, and a Kindle would allow me to lug around multiple books with ease. However, the knowledge that my bought-and-paid-for books could be wiped from the hard drive of my device without warning or consent is enough to eliminate any urge I've had to purchase one. I have not read the fine print on how the Kindle operates and how the books are offered, but this would seem on the surface to be a contract violation of some sort. I wonder if we'll see a class-action lawsuit out of this.

4) I dread court next week. And I dread all the drafting I now have lined up for myself. Blech. Monday is going to be perfectly horrible. I've got a long drive to the court (about an hour and a half, I think), and what promises to be a miserable session of court. Tuesday I have two hearings, one of which I'm worried about because I have little to no evidence to back up my client's claims (though I believe the client's claims).

5) I've not hit the point yet where I miss law school, but there have been days where it's been a near thing. The thing that is preferable about law school to my current situation is that in law school I was surrounded by my friends a great deal of the time. And there was less responsibility--my butt was the only one on the line if I got an answer wrong.

6) If I'm going to post political rants of any kind, I have to get better about really not caring what other people think of me.

7) I need to start writing more again. I've actually felt more creative in the past few months than I have for a couple of years, but so far I've not managed to be very productive with it, which is rather depressing. Mostly, I'm at the stage where I write down the ideas for characters and plots, but then I don't really know what to do with them. I'm really getting hung up on character voices lately. I have characters in my head. I know their back stories. But I don't always know who they really are, and I don't have their voices down. If I could just get their voices, I think I could write again.


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