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([personal profile] amiguriken Jul. 7th, 2009 10:04 pm)
1) I will not complain about jerkface attorneys here.

2) I will not complain about jerkface clients here.

3) I cannot say enough about the relaxing powers of kicking and punching the crap out of something. Happily I invested in a free-standing kicking/punching bag just for that purpose. I just imagine heads where my roundhouse kicks land. I think my bag needs more weight though--I nearly knocked it over.

4) There is no 4.

5) I hate feeling like I've done something wrong when I am actually fairly certain I haven't.

6) I hate, hate, hate that I sometimes care about what people I do not even like think about me. ARGH!

7) I can't believe Donna only got one season of Doctor Who. She's my favorite companion by far.

8) I want to see Star Trek again very badly, but it's not playing anywhere close enough. (An hour's drive away is the closest.) Rather than breaking the law and hunting down a torrent (though it was ever so tempting), I opted for the next best thing--I bought the book. I hope it and a steady infusion of good fanfic will tide me over until the DVD comes out.

9) Have I mentioned lately that I have a general loathing for most of humanity? No? Well, I do. It had dulled down to a low-level simmer that just caused me to roll my eyes at most news reports and the like, but today I had no less than three people reaffirm why I insist that I'm a misanthrope.

10) Okay, glitterandlube, you have a point, rabbits aren't vermin. I'm actually rather fond of rabbits. Groundhogs, on the other hand, are most definitely vermin. And so are opossums. And moles--I am not a fan of the moles.

11) I have pre-ordered Coraline and Watchmen on DVD. Now I just need to hold out until the 21st. I really want them both!


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