While the clients are usually the most interesting part of my legal day, sometimes it's other attorneys.

Don't get me wrong, for the most part, attorneys in these mountains are very professional and courteous. I have already made some wonderful friends among my soulless counterparts, and I even have some level of fondness for two attorneys I would classify as arrogant assholes. (I have a little bit of a soft spot for people who know they're arrogant assholes, embrace it, and are very up-front about their nature. I just try not to spend too much time around them.)

However, there is this one attorney who is causing me some issues, and I'm not sure what to do about him. I have never even met the man, but I have already been forced to file for sanctions and attorney's fees against him for filing a frivolous motion against my client. The fact that he didn't even bother to turn up to court to defend his motion speaks volumes to me. I took on another client yesterday whose ex has used this attorney in the past and who described the man to me as a slimy greaseball. I was contacted today about taking on another case which may actually require me to file professional complaints and seek a malpractice complaint against the man.

What troubles me about this is that I haven't even met the man. All I know of him is what I hear from other attorneys and my clients. I've heard him described as a nice man who's just terminally disorganized and I've heard him described as a slippery, vile weasel of an attorney who seems to take great pleasure in fleecing his clients. And while I hate to base an opinion of someone on gossip, I'm afraid that the combination of gossip and my professional frustrations with the man have my opinion leaning toward the weasel end of the spectrum.

A sad commentary on myself is that I kind of like having him around because of his bad reputation. As long as he practices in this manner in this area, I'm not going to be the worst attorney around. If nothing else, I show up to court and do so on time!
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I think you should contact the local legal board and ask about him, if that is possible? I find asking around for professional references might be a better source of information.

I don't blame you for being happy someone horrible is around to make you shine by example. Consider him a wingman.


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