I went and looked at office space to rent this week. I've been working out of home, which sounds awesome (and in many ways is awesome), but isn't going to work for me much longer. My house is small, and the second bedroom has already been set up as my mother's office. Since I live here without paying rent (or electric or for the phone or internet right now), I can't exactly ask her to move her office so that I can set up a better one for myself. And even if I could, simply having more space (and a separate workspace within my home) wouldn't actually address all of my issues.

Anyway, I went and looked at some completely empty space that I could lease and establish my own completely independent office. Then I went and spoke to a far more experienced (and very excellent) attorney about leasing some space in an office sharing situation from him. Right now I'm leaning toward the latter situation. I don't want to go into too much detail in case things fall apart, suffice it to say that for about the same price as renting just the bare space in my hometown, I can make a thirty minute commute to an office that's already set up and furnished and where I'll have two experienced attorneys I can go to for advice. It's really a fantastic bargain.

Other legal news for me includes the gain of a handful of new clients, an attorney friend of mine getting appointed a judicial seat (which is not unrelated to the new clients), having my first hearing in front of an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge, and that was a crazy experience I'd love to but probably shouldn't write too much about), getting appointed to some more loony DSS cases, pissing off and being pissed off in return by one county's DSS, and just generally trying to get by. Some days I'm okay, most days I feel like I'm just barely hanging on by the skin of my teeth and I can't help but wonder what ever made me think this was a good idea. Oh, and I got my first three hours of CLE credit out of the way, including an hour of ethics. It's unpleasantly like sitting through BARBRI classes, which is still an improvement over law school classes which torture students through liberal use of the Socratic method.

Outside of the law, I have little to no life. My best friend was in for the week this past week and we took a longer-than-intended hike near my house on Wednesday, followed by a long afternoon/evening of vegging out at my house. We hiked down to the lake (about a mile from my house) and then took a meandering route back that took us more than a little off-course. We were both pretty icky feeling when we got back. But I felt pretty accomplished for it. Other than that...hm...my church had Bible School and I helped with one of the classes.

Oh, and I've shopped recently. The fun shopping trip was to Staples, where I bought legal pads and file folders and an awesome new printer. The not-so-fun-but-nearly-as-necessary trip was today, where I went to Belk's and Kohl's and got clothes. For the record, I hate shopping for clothes. But I did find a nice pin-stripe skirt suit that had a really awesome sale price, and I found a couple of new nice shirts I can wear to court with my suits or wear without the onus of a suit jacket. Most of my shopping lately has been for work-related items. It's sad. But I'm planning to purchase a new laptop in the next few months, and that's going to be for personal use. I've decided that I need separate work and personal computers, and since my work stuff takes up less hard drive space than my personal stuff, the comp I shall buy shall have much more memory and shall be for my personal use. When I wipe my music, pic, and vid files from this one, there will be more than enough room for work stuff. Sadly, the new computer is months away. I need to start getting paid more regularly first.

So, in brief: potential new office = cool and exciting; law crap continues to be law crap; personal life continues to be filled with tv and internet; and I'd rather shop for office supplies than clothes.
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I am trying to think of something to say other than I enjoyed reading this, but I have nothing, so I enjoyed reading this, and continue to be interested in your progress.


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