At least, the plan is to start reading comics again. I've tried before, and it just hasn't worked out for me, but I think this time it's going to work. So long as I get some good graphic novel recommendations from somewhere. I've ordered a few older Batman trades, and I've started filling out my collection of Y: The Last Man. I also dragged out some unread and need-to-reread trades from my comics boxes.

The prompting for this is three-fold: 1) I have missed reading comic books in general and have longed to get back into them; 2) I just watched Batman: Under the Red Hood, which I thoroughly enjoyed; and 3) Saturday is Read Comic Books in Public Day, and I fully intend to participate.

So, this is a short entry, but if anyone out there reading this has recs for comics, preferably in trade formats, let me hear 'em. I find myself wanting more Batman lately (the nightly rounds of getting my arse kicked playing Batman: Arkham Asylum have probably contributed to that), but I'm up for anything that's good. For Bats I already have "Year One", "The Dark Knight Returns", and "Whatever Happened to the Dark Knight". And I already own many of the "big" titles such as Watchmen (though I won't yell at you if you name them anyway - I don't have all of the well-known books and you may mention something I've forgotten).


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