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( Nov. 28th, 2009 12:14 am)
I spent most of the day hanging out with my five-year-old brother and my three-year-old nephew. They watched Spider-Man 2, Coraline, Star Wars: Episode II, and part of the recent live-action Peter Pan. They also put decorations on my Christmas tree (some of which will have to be shifted for evenness' sake), held several lightsabre duels, wrestled, read books, and talked and talked and talked. One of them even took a nap. And they had not worn out their welcome by the time I took them to my mothers--I was just trying to figure out what to do with them for supper. (I don't keep much actual food in my house.)

Today I also received my new cell phone. I upgraded to a Blackberry Tour. I wish I was planning enough out-of-country travel to justify it for that reason. But no, I just liked some of the new features it had, including, I'm ashamed to say, the camera. I can't believe I missed having a camera-phone, but there were several instances where I would have liked to have had a picture and had my cell phone but not a camera.

And let's not forget today was Black Friday. I actually did some Black Friday shopping. Online. I hate crowds too much to go out and intentionally inflict them upon myself. I also ate leftovers, including even more of my mother's wonderful sweet potato casserole, which is the single best thing I have ever eaten. It's the kind of food that causes otherwise normal eaters to to make sex noises and facial expressions, including, I'm afraid, myself. It is seriously just that good.

And now I'm closing out my evening by knitting for the first time in months while watching the original The Prisoner series on DVD. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy knitting. And I am really enjoying The Prisoner, though the equipment and the lave lamps definitely betray the show's age.

And now it's time to go back to my knitting. I would like to finish this one sometime this century.


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