I bought my very first Christmas tree today, along with a few ornaments. It feels as though I'm slowly creeping into adulthood, and I'm not sure I like it. I attempted to balance that feeling out by purchasing an overpriced Han Solo ornament from Hallmark.

The other adult thing I've done recently is to volunteer to prepare portions of the Thanksgiving dinner. Up until now, I've never really been in a position to bring things. I've been in college or living too far away to really travel with food, and then last year I was living with my parents and could only help my mom and try to stay out of her way. This year, however, I'm in my own apartment and I have money and time, so I've decided to handle some of the pie-making duties. I'm going to bake pumpkin and coconut pies.

I've spent several recent evenings unpacking in my apartment. I recently set up two of my bookshelves and quickly filled them up. Today I unpacked even more books, filling up my Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett bookcase that sits in my living room and straightening up a little more of the other room.

There's still a lot of unpacking to do, but the apartment is starting to look a little less cluttered now. One of the big things I need to do is unpack my DVDs. That will mostly consist of putting them back in their cases (I've been using several large cd carrying cases for them since I moved last year). That'll be fun.

Work has been going pretty well. I've been staying busy and have had several days in court recently. I've got court again on Monday, as a matter of fact. It's a DSS day, and it's going to be mostly easy. Sadly, I am expecting at least one long hearing. But maybe a miracle will happen and a particular party's heart will grow a couple of sizes and we'll be able to come to a consent agreement.

Outside of work, my social life continues to be incredibly non-existant. I've been horrified recently to realize just how little I've been reading for pleasure over the past few years. It made me incredibly sad to think just how few books I've actually made my way through recently. And that includes re-reads of favorite novels! Ugh. I've got to get back in the reading groove. I've got at least half a tall bookcase full of books I've never read. I just need to take the time to read them.

One of the things I do instead of read is watch TV online. I LOVE this seasons of Supernatural. I've enjoyed all of the previous seasons of the show, but there's just been something about this season. I'm also a huge fan of Glee, and I really don't know why I even like that show. Those aren't the only shows I watch, but those are my two favorites right now. I need to watch what's aired of V, but I don't know whether I'll keep up with it or not.

All right. That's enough trivial rambling. I need to unwrap a bunch of caramels (baking caramel brownies for a church dinner) and watch the latest couple of eps of Supernatural.


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