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( Apr. 27th, 2009 05:52 pm)
One of the things that was left undone when the house I'm now living in was finished was the clean-up. My porch has been covered with PVC pipe and fittings, bags of concrete, boards of varying lengths and widths, and loads of miscellaneous stuff (not a small amount of which was garbage) since the house was completed. It didn't bother me much this past winter, but as spring rolled around, I began hankering to sit on my porch. Also, my father likes to send people out to look at the rockwork on the chimney, and it's not been nice to have people drive by and see the mess that was on the porch.

I've been mentioning the need to clean it off for weeks now, and my mother finally took up the gauntlet and came down this afternoon. We spent a good two hours moving stuff around and throwing stuff away, but now, even though there is still stuff on my porch (and not a small amount of stuff crammed underneath it), I have a porch I can sit on while enjoying the summer weather. Hooray!

(Of course, now that it's done, I'll probably never go out--I keep all the blinds in my house closed all the time for a reason, after all.)

And, of course, this being my mom, there had to be at least one obligatory smartalecky comment. The one that made me laugh was in regards to all the money they spent on my education for me to end up as much manual labor as I've been doing lately.


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