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( Feb. 17th, 2009 08:41 pm)
Since I haven't posted in a few, let's see how many things I can possibly cram into this one entry.

1. I've been showing my two-year-old niece bits of Doctor Who. Mostly I've been letting her watch this really fantastic fanvid of Who set to the song "Handlebars" by Flobots. According to my sister-in-law, my niece has been singing the chorus to the song for days now. She is also getting quite good at identifying Donna and Rose. She may supplant my previous moment of aunt-geek pride, which was when my niece Hope, then two, was infatuated with Farscape after catching a scene in which Rygel the 16th bit a guy's nose off.

2. In other aunt/niece geekery, I took the three oldest girls to Asheville to see Coraline in 3D. The movie was excellent, and the nieces thoroughly enjoyed it. A few weeks ago, I bought them each a copy of the movie tie-in paperback. Right now they all name it and Neil's The Graveyard Book among their favorite books. Of course, I think they say that mostly because I just gave them the latter book for Christmas, but I hold on to hope for their reading futures. I started them off on Neil a few years back with The Wolves in the Walls, which was Deanna's favorite book for a year or so. Sadly, it was deemed too scary for the kids at her preschool. (This year's Christmas list included copies of The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish for the little ones.)

3. I'm still back and forth on the whole opening my own firm thing. Some days I'm on top of the world (those would be the days I feel on top of all my cases). Others, I'm freaking out and considering all the ways I could possibly be committing malpractice. Tomorrow I have court, and I really should not be so relieved by the fact that we need continuances on all of my adjudications. But I am.

4. Speaking of court... I have been interested to see how some of my friends and I have dealt with being on the sides of court we've chosen. I have a very liberal friend, for instance, who works for the prosecutor's office and has been amazed at how much she likes it. Sadly, the more I deal with some of my clients, the more I find my cynicism being completely and totally validated. I'm not finding myself suddenly agreeing with the people who say "It's not really her fault. Look at her circumstances. All she needs is a chance." I will say that I have realized that being a bad parent does not make one a bad person. Quite often it just makes a person an idiot and/or incredibly selfish. But the problem is that the court system has to give all of these people a chance, and there are more than a few of them who may be good enough people but who are bad enough parents that everyone involved would be better off if their parental rights were cut off immediately. And I wouldn't argue against spaying and neutering quite a few of them either.

5. Meanwhile, part of the reason I'm back and forth on my decision to open my own firm is my own incompetence. I'm deathly paranoid of committing malpractice, of getting some tiny little thing wrong. For three years of law school, I maintained that law school should include a mandatory apprenticeship of some kind. Now that I'm out here on my own and finding out how little I know about the actual nuts and bolts (the technicalities as it were) of getting things done, I feel even more strongly that all law schools should be giving their students a lot more practical, hands-on training. Attorneys can destroy lives sometimes even more easily than doctors, but we are not held at all closely to their educational standards.

6. My iTunes just shuffled me Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper." I love this song.

7. Okay. I need to go do some work before I go to bed. This is one of the bad things about being an attorney in general--work can easily creep in at any time of the day or night. The job isn't necessarily eight to five, and when you have to get work done, you have to get it done regardless of the hour.

8. On the bright side, since I'm my own boss and I work from home, where my closet is just a room away, I can work all day in sweats or pjs if I like. Also, I don't have anyone to chide me for what I wear to the Clerk of Court's office. I really can't explain how happy it makes me to do things like dress in my blue button-up shirt, khaki pants, and bright red Chucks to go file documents.


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