It is a little-known fact that I absolutely adore the Twilight anti-fandom. I've never read any of Stephanie Meyers' novels, and since I've read about them, I don't really want to. (Except every now and then when I want to join in the rants.) Even if I didn't buy into the biased (and usually utterly hilarious) reviews, the insane (and usually utterly hilarious in their stupidity) fan responses to negative reviews of these books would have me convinced that Twilight is a "phenomenon" I want nothing to do with.

It is a slightly more well-known fact that I used to be a huge Stephen King fan. I picked up my first King novel (Firestarter) somewhere around sixth grade, and I read almost everything he had published up through Delores Claiborne. (I hated that novel so much that the only thing I've read by King since have been the new Dark Tower books, and I debated not reading those despite my insane love for Roland and his small band.)

I was highly amused, therefore, to encounter this article on Yahoo's front page:

It's just funny to me to think of the screaming teens turning their crybaby "Leave Stephanie alone!" ire against someone like King. I know that the majority of Meyers' mostly youthful audience probably really doesn't even know who King is, and I laugh to think of the repeated "He's just jealous!" remarks that have probably already sprung up on messageboards across the internet. I can already see the rants about "Who does he think he is?" (just one of the biggest best-selling authors in the world) and even "I've never even heard of him" (but I bet money you've heard of at least one of his movies). (Too bad the real posts will have terrifying grammar and a miserable amount of all-caps followed by far too many exclamation points.) In my musings, however, you get replies that include a great deal of responses from King readers who really just laugh. And laugh. And laugh.


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