1. I spent all of Friday morning and part of Friday afternoon in court as moral support for my sister-in-law, whose ex was attempting to have his child support lowered. Due to how this court operates (recessed while Child Support Services [CSS] agents speak with the debtors), we talked and laughed a lot. I think this probably disturbed the ex, who I'm sure was at least hoping to piss my sister-in-law off. As a matter of fact, his behavior had us laughing quite a bit. I really want to talk about all of his stupidity, but I feel as though it would be inappropriate right now. It was funny though. I can say that my sister-in-law was about to die laughing at him when I went up and spoke with a couple of the attorneys present, laughing and smiling and even picking up a document from one of them. She just knew he had been intimidated by that. Their hearing ended up being continued. I'm planning to attend the next one carrying my briefcase. I'm sure I'll have a legitimate reason for it then.

2. I love Neil Gaiman. I just feel that needed to be said. Neil is my other favorite author, and his novels and his blog are among my happy places.

3. I'm currently following a handful of interesting and at least semi-famous people on twitter: Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, Greg Grunberg, Jonathan Coulton, and David Hewlett. The first four of these people are remarkably prolific twitterers and fairly regularly amuse me.

4. I have to go to court in another county tomorrow. I don't want to go, but that's the job.

5. I really have got to get my fee agreement put together this evening. I also need to make sure I've got the certs of service and letters together for an Order I need to serve on the other parties/counsel this week.

6. Lawyer talk sounds far more important and interesting than what I actually do, I assure you.

7. Boston Legal is a wholly inaccurate representation of the practice of law. It's not nearly as interesting as that either. I wish I believed it were also a wholly inaccurate representation of the morals of your average lawyer.

8. I watched In Bruges last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was more dark than I had thought it would be, but it was dark in a good way. For some reason I thought it would be more humourous than it was, but I'm not complaining.

9. Really should do some work now. Really don't want to. Also need sleep. Do not want!


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