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( Jan. 22nd, 2009 10:29 pm)
Hey, the last one for the meme. I'm going to try to think of at least one happy thing a day whether I post it here or not. I really have too much to be thankful for to carry on and moan and bitch too much. Knowing that doesn't stop me, but...

Okay, my main happy thing for today is karate. I got pretty stressed out over the whole opening my own firm thing this morning and afternoon as I dealt with some business issues. I was nearly in tears and intentionally chose to comfort myself with food (Diet Dr. Pepper and a Heath bar--it did help a little), which is something I'm trying not to do. But this evening, I had a two-hour karate class. And while class itself is a good thing, tonight was particularly happy for me as we practiced self-defense, starting with rolling. You want to guess what my favorite thing to practice in self-defense classes is? Yep. I was bouncing after my first forward roll. Now I've completely lost my backward roll (I was never all that good at it anyway), but I even added to my forward roll repertoire tonight by leaping over something and rolling. It was a good night.

Another happy thing was that I lost another pound at Weight Watchers. I'm almost halfway to my goal now, and I'm back at the weight I carried most of 3L year. (I really packed on pounds this summer while studying for the bar.) Whoo-hoo! For anyone who's interested, my goal is 150 lbs. Now that sounds like a lot, but on my frame, it's really not. It's about the smallest I can be and be physically healthy. I'm just lucky that when I lose weight my curves only become more defined.

And the third happy thing I'll post about is this: (yeah, I'm too lazy to do a pretty link). The Child Online Protection Act (COPA) is dead! Hooray, hooray, hooray! I was exposed to this law while taking Internet law in law school (that's a lot of law for one sentence), and I hated it from the first moment I saw it. I just wish we could get rid of the DMCA. I would do a little dance of glee upon its bloated corpse. (Thank you glitterandlube for the link--I can't believe I missed this!)

One day I'm going to do one gargantuan huge post about all the ways I love the First Amendment. But not today. I think I should hold onto it as my permanent happy thought. I fall and break my leg - hey, at least I still have freedom of speech! I get sued for malpractice - hey, at least I can still badmouth my government! All my stuff goes up in a tragic house fire - hey, I'm allowed to pray about it. To any god I want! Or even not! Whoo-hoo! And those are just my absolute favorite parts of my favorite amendment. This wonderful amendment not only gives us two of our most important and powerful rights, it contains even more! Ah. I smile just thinking about it.

And on that happy note, I think I need to get some sleep. Court tomorrow, though happily as moral support and not an attorney. Unless I need to be.


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