I had court today, where I had slight dealings with two of my three existing cases, had major dealings with the third, and was appointed to two others. Thank you, Judge! For those of you who suffer a math-skills deficiency, that means I now have five court appointments. One more and I win a free toaster.*

In other news, I have now officially taken up karate as there is a dearth of taekwondo studios in my area. I went to my first class tonight, accompanied by two of my nieces, and it was excellent. I remembered some things, I learned some new things, I sweated, and I currently ache all over. If that's not the sign of a good class, I don't know what is. Further, the nieces also seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Taking them to martial arts classes was something I'd promised myself I'd do (if they were willing) back in the day, so it was nice to finally get to realize that.

And that really is all that I've got to report. I'm still debating the merits of opening my own office, but every day I do the DSS work, I'm getting the experience I'll need. What's more, I'm making the contacts I'll need. I think I can do this thing.

*see icon for more details


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